Nursing Home Negligence: What Families Need to Know

If you have considered putting an ailing loved one in a nursing home, you may want to think twice. Although nursing homes are expensive and you probably assume your loved one will get excellent care for the money, that may … Continue reading

Types of Nursing Home Neglect

Many Americans are spending their final years in nursing homes. They cannot take care of themselves in their own homes, and they may not have family members who can give them the around-the-clock care they need. This means that more … Continue reading

Understanding Home Care: What It Is and How It Can be Beneficial to your Loved One

As our loved ones age, many of them find they can no longer care for themselves. As an adult child or relative of a declining individual, it can be difficult to decide what is best for him or her. Nursing … Continue reading

Nursing Home Basics: How to Ensure your Loved One is Being Properly Cared For

If you have an elderly parent or other loved one currently residing in a nursing home, you want to be certain that he or she is safe there. Although accidents and malpractice do happen in nursing homes, there are steps … Continue reading

Negligence in Nursing Homes: Nursing Home Pays Family Of Frozen Man $750K To Settle Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Negligence in a nursing home led to the death of a former-prominent judge and his family to settle a wrongful death lawsuit. In February 2008, the late Civil Court Judge John Phillips froze to death in his Prospect Park Residence … Continue reading

Unsanitary Nursing Home Facilities and Deterioration of Occupants’ Health

Unsanitary conditions in nursing homes are particularly dangerous because it increases the risk of spreading infectious diseases. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there are several areas where nursing home patients are at a particular risk of infectious … Continue reading

Elderly Man Died After Nursing Home Employee Brutally Beat Man

Nursing home residents are some of the most vulnerable residents in New York. Due to age or medical condition, nursing home residents must rely on the skills and expertise of the nursing home employees to care for their needs. As … Continue reading

Nursing Care Employees Charged With Neglecting 79-Yr-Old Patient

Two employees working at the nursing care facility Terrace View Long Term Care Facility in Buffalo have been charged with neglecting a 79-year-old patient. The patient, who is non-ambulatory and depends on nursing staff, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. … Continue reading

Guide to Nursing Home Abuse

When we think of our elders, we often recall fond memories of grandma making cookies or grandpa telling us stories about baseball players yesteryear. When the time comes that our parents or grandparents need enough care to be placed into … Continue reading

Tips for Spotting Nursing Home Neglect

Caring for elderly or disabled loved ones is an extremely difficult job. If the senior requires more care than you can provide it may be time to check out your local area nursing homes. This is often a frightening prospect, … Continue reading