Medical Malpractice Law

Medical Malpractice or Medical Negligence is when injury or death occurs as a direct result of the failure of a physician or other health care provider (hospital, nurse, obstetrician, nursing home, anesthesiologist, pharmacist) to properly diagnose or treat a medical condition. The injury or death caused by the negligence may be either a new condition or an aggravated injury to the patient. Learn more.

Wrongful Death Lawyers

Brooklyn’s best wrongful death lawyers know that the passing of a loved one is always a tremendous loss, but it’s even worse when that death is caused by the wrongful actions of another. For the wrongful death lawyer, there is no case more deserving of justice than one seeking to help the loved ones of someone who has died because of the wrongs of another person, business, or municipality. Learn more.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyers

Too often, cancer patients are overlooked, given an inaccurate diagnoses or told to try  an “alternative” therapy with little to no track record of proven results. If you believe your cancer, or the cancer of a loved one, was misdiagnosed or diagnosed late due to medical malpractice, you need an experienced cancer misdiagnosis lawyer to investigate & review your case. Learn more.

Cerebral Palsy Disorder Attorneys

Cerebral Palsy refers to a group of disorders that impact brain and nervous system function, affecting movement, hearing, seeing, thinking, and learning. Such cases are complicated, and very serious, and victims and their families require the assistance of an expert Brooklyn Cerebral Palsy lawyer if they are to win the compensation needed to afford the extensive medical care that can be necessary for the victim’s entire life. Learn More.

Erb’s Palsy Lawyers

Having a baby with Erb’s Palsy is a frightening and saddening experience. This birth injury is often the result of trauma to the upper arm or shoulder, especially if the mother’s delivery is long or difficult. The condition is often caused during difficult deliveries, breech presentations, and prolonged labors. It also happens during complicated births when medical professionals must quickly deliver a baby and exert force to pull the baby from the birth canal, stretching the nerves in the baby’s neck. Learn more.

Surgical Error Attorney

Have you or a family member suffered harm or injury due to malpractice in the form of a surgical error?  Unfortunately, surgical complications can  arise and errors sometimes do occur during surgical procedures.  Surgical errors can occur in many ways, including failing to recognize and repair injury to an organ, leaving behind a surgical tool or item inside of the patient, or incorrectly performing surgery and causing injury. Learn more.

Doctor Error Lawyers

Sometimes health care providers such as doctors, nurses, podiatrists, chiropractors and dentists can cause injury to a patient during the course of medical treatment due to their negligence. Personal injury resulting from medical malpractice can be devastating and result in the victim suffering both bodily harm and financial disruption. The already victimized patient and his/her family may be uninformed about finding legal representation to present their claims and begin to recover physically, emotionally and financially. This is when a New York Doctor Error Lawyer can help. Learn more.

Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

The good news is: We are living longer. With that good news, however, comes the realization that many of our parents and loved ones are spending their “golden years” in nursing homes or other assisted living centers. While these facilities often allow more freedom, companionship and care, we are also becoming all too aware of increased incidences of poor care, neglect and outright abuse.   Whether it is a low nurse-to-patient ratio, poorly trained, overworked staff, or incompetence, many nursing homes are not providing the diligent, appropriate care our seniors deserve. Learn more.