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Brooklyn lead poisoning attorney

Lead has been one of our society’s building blocks since ancient times. Its malleability made it an ideal construction material and insulator for a variety of products from antiquity to the modern age. It is also poisonous when ingested.

In the past few decades, the use of lead in construction and consumer products has been reduced amid health and safety concerns. However, it has not been eliminated completely. Lead can be found in paint and other building materials used in older homes and certain consumer goods. Keep yourself and your family safe by doing all that you can to keep lead out of your home. Despite these efforts, there is always the possibility that you or your child could suffer from lead poisoning. If this happens, you could be entitled to receive monetary compensation through a lead poisoning claim.

Where Can Lead Be Found?

Lead can be found primarily in the paint on older buildings. It can also be found in the following consumer products:

  • Artificial turf;
  • Some home remedies, such as azarcon;
  • Toys and other children’s products produced outside the United States;
  • Ceramic products; and
  • Some cosmetics and other products that use artificial pigment.

Children can also be exposed to lead in utero and suffer from the effects of lead poisoning after birth. Lead poisoning has been linked to delayed growth, slowed mental development, hearing problems, and slowed physical growth. Children are at a greater risk of suffering from lead poisoning than adults because their brains are still developing.

Local Law 1 of 2004

In New York City, Local Law 1 of 2004 put a set of requirements for landlords into effect regarding lead-based paint in rental properties. Under this law, landlords are required to identify and fix lead paint hazards in any apartment where a child under the age of six resides if the property meets the following:

  • The building has three or more apartments;
  • The building was constructed prior to 1960 or, if the landlord is aware of a lead paint issue, prior to 1978.

Both interior and exterior paints had high levels of lead prior to 1978. An estimated 38 million homes in the United States contain lead paint or other lead-based materials. If you live in a building affected by Local Law 1 and your child suffers from lead poisoning, you could be entitled to monetary compensation through a lead poisoning claim.

Brooklyn Lead Poisoning Attorney

If you or your child has ingested lead from construction or household product, seek medical attention immediately. Lead poisoning can kill. Once you or your child have received adequate medical care and are in stable condition, contact an experienced lead poisoning attorney to discuss your grounds for filing and pursuing a lead poisoning claim. Contact our team of experienced Brooklyn lead poisoning attorneys at Peters Berger Koshel & Goldberg, P.C. today at 1-800-836-7801 or 718-596-7800 to schedule your free legal consultation with a member of our firm at our Brooklyn office.