What Can Happen After a Brain Injury?

Your brain is your body’s most critical organ. Without it, your other organs and their respective body systems cannot work properly or in some cases, at all. The brain is the center of the nervous system, which is the body … Continue reading

Brain Injuries Can Occur at Unexpected Times

No matter the cause, brain injuries are scary due to their complex character.  Further, these types of injuries occur from a vast variety of accidents and frequently lead to devastating and catastrophic results that can leave victims unable to enjoy … Continue reading

Brain Injury Accidents: Take Action

Statistics show that about 1.7 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury every year in the U.S.  The causes of these injuries vary .The leading causes, according to the Center for Disease Control, are: Falls (35.2%), Auto/traffic accidents (17.3%), Struck … Continue reading

Causes of Brain Injury – How a Brain Injury Lawyer can help

The human body is an amazing biological machine and can recover from horrible injuries with the right medical treatment and care. However, the brain, the center of so much of what makes us human, is not so easily healed. Every … Continue reading