Construction Company Held Liable After Workers’ Death

In May 2017, the State Supreme Court in Brooklyn issued an official indictment regarding the 2015 building collapse that resulted in an 18-year-old worker’s death and injury to two others. The court charged the owner of the construction company that employed the victim with numerous offenses, including reckless endangerment. Allegedly, the owner ignored complaints he received about a poorly maintained retaining wall at one of his work sites.

When construction companies fail to properly train their workers, maintain their sites and equipment, and enforce safety regulations, construction accidents can occur and potentially injure and kill workers. All workers have the right to a safe work environment and training in language they can understand, including undocumented workers.

Why was the Construction Company Deemed Liable?

The construction company that employed the victim was deemed to be liable for his death because its owner failed to take the necessary care to prevent accidents. Allegedly, he began the project without properly training the seven workers who would perform the labor. After the workers stated that the project’s initial excavation was unsafe because the exposed walls were cracked and unstable, he ordered the project to continue anyway. The day of the fatal collapse, workers asked for two-by-fours to support the wall, but his response was that they were working too slowly and must continue digging near the wall.

When a construction company puts its own workers at risk of injury, it is liable for any damages they suffer. Failing to take care to protect one’s employees from harm is an act of negligence.

Building and Wall Collapses in New York

Building collapses happen in New York with some regularity. A few recent examples include:

New York City not only has a lot of buildings, it has a lot of old buildings. Older structures often do not meet today’s building codes and in many cases, have suffered warping and other structural damage over time. Owners of older buildings have the responsibility to properly maintain these properties to reduce the chance of tenants, visitors, and workers being injured. Responsibility to prevent injuries also lies with construction company owners who should practice extra care when working with older and damaged buildings.

Recently, the New York City Council passed a bill to require the city to track all construction site injuries and deaths. Ideally, this tracking system will aid with construction accident investigations in the future.

Work with an Experienced Brooklyn Workplace Injury Attorney

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Medical Malpractice Claims for Prescription Errors

Acts of medical negligence can take many forms. Performing surgery on the wrong site in the body, leaving surgical equipment in a patient after surgery is complete, errors involving the patient’s medication, failing to obtain the patient’s consent to a procedure, and making a diagnosis without ordering the necessary tests or thoroughly examining the patient’s medical history alongside his or her symptoms can all lead to injuries and worsened conditions. This is grounds for a medical malpractice claim, a type of personal injury claim through which an injured patient can seek compensation for his or her damages following an act of medical negligence.

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Lesser Known Birth Defects that Can Result from Physician Negligence

When many individuals think of the term “birth injury,” they think of cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that impact a child’s brain and spinal cord, which can lead to disabilities such as loss of muscle control and learning delays. Although this condition is often mentioned in discussions of birth injuries, it is only one of many types of birth injury a child can sustain as the result of physician negligence. Below are a few other conditions that can cause an infant and his or her family to suffer substantial damages.

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Receiving Compensation If your Child Suffers from Cerebral Palsy Due to a Physician Error

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Cerebral palsy is a condition that impacts a child’s muscles and ability to move. It is a commonly-cited birth injury in discussions of medical malpractice because it can result from many different types of physician negligence, such as a lack of oxygen during birth, failure to take appropriate care to avoid birth injuries knowing the mother’s health issues and potential complications for the child, breech births, and premature births.

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Protect Yourself from Severe Injuries by Knowing How to Fall Safely

Bronx slip and fall lawyers at Peters Berger Koshel & Goldberg, P.C. are here to help

New York City is full of slip and fall hazards. This is particularly true during the winter when snow and ice can accumulate on steps, curbs, walkways, handrails, and fire escapes to conceal existing hazards and create new ones.

A slip and fall accident can cause a victim to suffer severe injuries, which can have complications like blood loss, permanent disability, disfigurement, mental trauma, and death. In less extreme falls, a victim can suffer cuts, sprains, fractures, strains, and head trauma.

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The Recent Malpractice Epidemic at Coney Island Hospital

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In 2016, Coney Island Hospital made the news on multiple occasions due to medical malpractice claims made against the hospital and its staff. The most notable of these cases is perhaps the case of the Brooklyn resident who secured $24 million in compensation for his damages stemming from the amputation of his leg. According to his claim, the amputation occurred because he went without critical emergency care for 13 hours following an accident due to miscommunication at Coney Island Hospital.

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Two Critical Steps in Filing a Cerebral Palsy Claim

Work with a lawyer who understands cerebral palsy and can advocate for you and your child to seek the compensation you deserve

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect an individual’s movement and muscle tone. In many cases, it is caused by injuries or infections suffered by a developing fetus. Examples of these include material illness during pregnancy, a genetic mutation that affects the fetus’ development, and fetal stroke, which is a disruption of the blood supply to the fetus’ brain.

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Occupational Exposure in the Construction Industry: The Greatest Lead Poisoning Risk for American Adults

Protect yourself with a NYC lead poison attorney

Exposure to lead is a concern in homes and workplaces throughout New York City. Lead was once used extensively in paints, varnishes, pipes, faucets, and tank liners, among other consumer products. Although lead paint was banned in home use in 1978 and lead is no longer used in many other construction and consumer products, it can still be found in many older buildings.

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Finding Fault in a Self-Driving Car Collision

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Self-driving cars were once a trope in futuristic and science fiction works. Now, they are a part of our everyday lives. As drivers of the 21st century, we are expected to share the road with self-driving cars.

But what happens when an individual is injured in a collision with a self-driving car? Normally, a car accident victim can file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for his or her damages if the accident was caused by another party’s negligence. For example, a driver might cause a collision by driving drunk or failing to comply with the posted speed limit. But what if the “negligent driver” is a computer? This is an issue that more and more injury victims find themselves facing.

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Could you be Suffering from Lead Poisoning After your Last Dye Job?

Woman getting her hair dyed

When you go to the salon to have your hair colored, you do not go thinking that you could suffer from lead poisoning because of the products used on your hair. However, there have been multiple reports of individuals suffering from lead and mercury poisoning because of the chemicals present in hair dyes. When dye is applied to the scalp, it is absorbed through the skin and enters the bloodstream, introducing any chemicals present in the dye to the individual’s body.

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