Misdiagnosis of Cancer Statistics and Scenarios

You cannot receive the medical treatment you need for your condition if the condition is not diagnosed correctly. When a condition is diagnosed as another specific condition, you can receive treatment for the assumed condition, which can at best, be … Continue reading

Doctor Error on Body Scan Produced a False Positive for Cancer

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Brooklyn The most resourceful medical malpractice attorneys Brooklyn residents can rely on may help you or your loved ones recover compensation if a medical negligence or misdiagnosis has occurred. Do not allow yourself to suffer physically … Continue reading

Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyers: Study Finds Lyme Disease Can Complicate Diagnosis

According to a recent paper published in the JAMA, Lyme misdiagnosis may lead to delayed cancer diagnosis in a patient. Lyme disease is a bacterium transmitted to humans through bites of infected ticks. According for the Centers for Disease Control … Continue reading

Florida Woman Falsely Diagnosed with Cancer

  A Florida woman has sued a Florida hospital that falsely diagnosed her with cancer, leading to the removal of a section of her rectum. Scary stories like this are unfortunately becoming too common within the medical community across the … Continue reading

Cancer Misdiagnosis Leaves Young Woman Incapable of Bearing Children

ABC News recently reported that a young woman was diagnosed with cancer in her early twenties and was forced to undergo extensive chemotherapy and an unnecessary hysterectomy after a blood sample taken during a routine pregnancy test yielded a positive … Continue reading

How Your Radiologist Could Be Responsible for Your Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

Nearly 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year resulting in 40,000 deaths annually. In many cases, the disease could have been diagnosed earlier. Unlike other illnesses and conditions, cancer misdiagnosis is infrequently doctor error but more often caused … Continue reading

Misdiagnosis of cancer? Peters Berger Koshel & Goldberg, P.C. can help

Everyone makes mistakes; it’s a fact of life. However, the costs of those mistakes are never the same. This is why in important fields such as medicine there are stringent laws, policies and internal guidelines to minimize mistakes. Still, mistakes … Continue reading

Misdiagnosed Cancer? You need a Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

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