Proving the City is Liable for Your Slip and Fall on an Icy Sidewalk

Icy sidewalks are a major concern in Brooklyn around this time of year and throughout the winter season. Slip and fall injuries due to winter weather can be caused by lots of factors, including negligence on behalf of the city. … Continue reading

Can I Sue My Landlord for a Slip and Fall?

You slip on ice on the sidewalk outside your rented apartment. You trip over a broken stair and fall, breaking your arm. You trip over debris in the walkway. Slips and falls happen every day. These common incidents can lead … Continue reading

Protect Yourself from Severe Injuries by Knowing How to Fall Safely

New York City is full of slip and fall hazards. This is particularly true during the winter when snow and ice can accumulate on steps, curbs, walkways, handrails, and fire escapes to conceal existing hazards and create new ones. A … Continue reading

Do You Know Your Rights in A Slip and Fall Case?

Slip and fall accidents, unfortunately, occur all the time throughout Brooklyn and New York. Depending on the situation, injuries involved in a slip and fall accidents can range from relatively minor bruises to serious life-altering injuries or even death. A … Continue reading

What Determines If A Slip And Fall Case Can Be Pursued By An Injured Person

People are more likely to suffer a slip and fall injury during the winter months because of the snowy and icy weather. When a slip and fall accident results in an injury that would not have happened if the dangerous … Continue reading