New York City Lead Regulations

Lead paint has been an issue with homes for many years. It has been known to cause physical and mental issues, especially in children. Lead paint was banned from use in homes and other residences in 1960. Given that this … Continue reading

Occupational Exposure in the Construction Industry: The Greatest Lead Poisoning Risk for American Adults

Exposure to lead is a concern in homes and workplaces throughout New York City. Lead was once used extensively in paints, varnishes, pipes, faucets, and tank liners, among other consumer products. Although lead paint was banned in home use in … Continue reading

Could you be Suffering from Lead Poisoning After your Last Dye Job?

When you go to the salon to have your hair colored, you do not go thinking that you could suffer from lead poisoning because of the products used on your hair. However, there have been multiple reports of individuals suffering … Continue reading

Lead Poisoning and the Effects it can have on Children

Lead poisoning is not pretty. As thousands of parents have learned over the past decades, children who ingest lead can suffer from gruesome medical problems and developmental delays, some of which affect the child permanently. When the connection between lead … Continue reading

Flint, Michigan Residents File Federal Lawsuit Against the State Over Lead Poisoning

Lead is known to be extremely dangerous for humans, especially infants and children, to ingest. It has been linked to a variety of developmental delays in children and other symptoms in both children and adults, such as abdominal pain and … Continue reading

Avoid a Tragedy by Avoiding Lead Poisoning

Lead has been one of our society’s building blocks since ancient times. Its malleability made it an ideal construction material and insulator for a variety of products from antiquity to the modern age. It is also poisonous when ingested. In … Continue reading

Lead Poisoning Awareness Week: Dangers of Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is caused by the buildup of lead in the body. Often, lead poisoning occurs after months or years of lead buildup in the body. The dangers of lead poisoning are still very much a reality today. Nassau County, … Continue reading

Lead Paint Poisoning Doesn’t Discriminate

The notion that lead poisoning is a danger that affects primarily people from low income communities is a belief that cannot be substantiated due to statistics that prove otherwise.  As Richard Goldberg, an experienced Brooklyn lead poisoning attorney pointed out, … Continue reading