New York’s Dangerous Dog Statute

In New York, the law differentiates between bites committed by “dangerous dogs” and bites committed by other dogs. Dangerous dogs are dogs that: Attack and injure or kill a person, a companion animal or a farm animal; or Behave in … Continue reading

What Happens to my Dog if it Bites and I’m Sued?

  You might not think your dog would ever bite somebody, and you could very well be right. When a dog is trained and restrained properly, there is little chance that it will harm a human or animal victim. But … Continue reading

Bit by a Dog – What are my Options

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, you could potentially recover monetary compensation for your damages through a dog bite claim. But certain circumstances could potentially keep you from recovering compensation, such as why or where … Continue reading

Dogs Attack and Kill Elderly Woman’s Two Pet Goats

A recent dog attack in New City, New York has resulted in a New York judge having to decide the fates of two dogs. Several weeks ago, two pet dogs mauled and killed two pet goats owned by an elderly … Continue reading

How a Dog Bite Case Works

New York City has lots of people, and lots of dogs.  Usually, Man and Man’s Best Friend get along fine. Occasionally, a poorly trained or unsupervised dog can bite. And while “Dog Bites Man” is not headline news, the bite … Continue reading