NYC Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is quickly approaching. Many children look forward to this day all year long as they plan their costumes and trick or treating routes in order to yield the most (and best) candy. October 31, however, often ends in tragedy … Continue reading

Workplace Personal Injury: Former Massey Energy CEO Facing Jail Time

Donald Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy, a coal extraction company based in West Virginia, is facing a prison sentence of up to 31 years for allegedly attempting to circumvent industry safety laws. In 2010, an explosion at the … Continue reading

Police Misconduct Cases Soar

It is impossible to ignore the media attention that police brutality cases have received over the past few years. Following the famous Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri and the Eric Garner case in Staten Island, Americans are more attuned … Continue reading

Hospitals Find Ways to Keep Patients Healthy

When you are in the hospital recovering after an accident, the hospital staff is tasked with helping you make a quick, complete recovery. Now, keeping watch over recovering patients is easier than ever with new wireless monitoring devices that can … Continue reading

Nurses Have One of the Highest Rates of Work-Related Injuries

Surprisingly, health care workers have one of the highest rates of injuries of any worker in the United States. According to a report in the American Society of Safety Engineers’ Professional Safety journal, in 2011, 15.2 million healthcare workers at … Continue reading

Court Upholds $3 Million Judgment Against NYC For Unsafe Workplace

Court Upholds $3 Million Judgment Against NYC For Unsafe Workplace

At the end of last year, New York’s Appellate Division Second Department reinstated a jury’s finding of damages against the New York City Department of Environmental Protection for state labor law violations. Rafael Lopez was working at an electrical building … Continue reading

Woman Sues NY Gym After Elastic Band Accident Causes Partial Blindness

Every owner of a property has the legal duty to maintain a property in safe condition for individuals who are lawfully present on the property. If someone suffers an injury as a result of the property owner failing to maintain … Continue reading

New York Woman Sues Company for Injuries Suffered On Segway Tour

You have seen them throughout the streets of New York City: tour groups riding around the city on Segways. These devices and tours provide visitors an efficient and interactive way to see a city’s attractions. The Segway tours and devices, … Continue reading

Broken Bones Can Lead to Suffering for All Involved

Injuries that lead to broken bones are no laughing matter. At a minimum, a broken bone is an inconvenience that will cast a shadow over your everyday life for a matter of months, if not years or even permanently. For … Continue reading